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High Holy Days 5783 (2022)




Join us this High Holy Day season!
This webpage contains all of the information regarding this years High Holy Days. Please note, as we are offering multiple services over the High Holy Days, each with limited capacity, we ask that you please register you and your family members for the service of your choice as soon as possible.
YOM KIPPUR at Machzikei Hadas - WELCOME!

All participants (members, first-timers, students etc), must register for services before attending. Thank you!

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Welcome from Rabbi Scher

This summer, my family and I spent time in Hunter, New York, at the base of Hunter Mountain, one of the most popular
ski resorts in the Eastern United States.

To summit Hunter Mountain, almost 4,500 feet tall, requires climbing close to 4,000 feet over two miles – an
extremely steep and demanding climb.

As Shifra and I climbed, one foot after another, it felt like it was never going to end. But then, the thousands
of steps accumulated and as we reached the top we were treated to the most magnificent view of the
surrounding mountains and the Hudson Valley.

Those thousands of individual steps – each seemingly insignificant on its own – when together combined
allowed us to experience the transcendent beauty of G-d’s world.

This simple idea is just as true in our individual and collective lives as it is when hiking up a mountain.
As individuals, whether in our own growth or in our relationships and interactions with others, nothing
happens overnight. Rather, beauty and meaning are discovered as a culmination of so many small steps.
Such is the case when it comes to community as well. A community is a result of hundreds and thousands of
small acts of goodness, kindness, and selflessness done by a group of people for each other - that’s how a
community is created.

Our shul is a shining example of this idea. I am thrilled to share that our shul bucked the North American
trend and grew during this difficult pandemic. How could it be that we grew at such a hard, exhausting, and
depleting time? I am not sure of the full answer, but it definitely had something to do with the so many acts of
goodness, kindness, and selflessness done by the staff, leadership, and cherished members of our shul.
Those virtuous acts – far too many to count – created a community that could withstand any obstacle.
I thank you. Thank you to my colleagues – my partners – the staff of our shul who go above and beyond every
single day.

Thank you to all of you who have taken leadership roles in our shul and to all of you who are there for our shul
with unwavering commitment.

Thank you to every single one of you, the members of our shul, who make Shifra and I feel like the luckiest
Rabbinic couple in the world. We can't wait to see you in shul soon!


Yom Kippur Schedule..



Kol Nidray – Two simultaneous services – Indoor and Outdoor options.

We will offer two Kol Nidray services this year led by our talented Hazannim, Rabbi Shimon and Moishele Fogel. Both services will run for 90 minutes.  


Early Bird Special
The Early Morning Service, led by Rabbi Scher, will be a no-frills service that covers the entire traditional Yom Kippur Shacharit service (includes Torah reading, does not include Yizkor or Musaf).

The Essentials Service
The Essentials Service, led by Chazzan David Kogut with words from our Rabbi, will include the essentials of the traditional Yom Kippur service through Yizkor (which does not include Musaf) with the classic High Holy Day melodies. In order to keep to our time frame, we will be omitting some of the piyutim, the Jewish liturgical poems that make up a substantial part of the Yom Kippur prayer service. But everything else will be the same.


Interactive Family Service with Rabbi Scher
This service will be just as memorable as the Family Services of the past. We will make our way through the highlights of the Yom Kippur prayer service and introduce each part of the service with questions and thoughts. Led by Rabbi Scher.m

Machzikei Teen Service (in partnership with NCSY Ottawa)  (Grades 7-12)
Led by NCSY staff member Ben Kron, this will be an exciting opportunity for our growing teen population to discuss and debate contemporary Jewish topics. 


Torah Tots Playtime & Story and Circle Time  (Ages 0-4)

Our toy filled playroom is open for parents to play with their littles one during most of the Yom Kippur morning services! Then join Morah Sari for songs and stories at Circle times (at 10:30 a.m.  &11:15 a.m.) .  A healthy snack will be served. 


Machzikei Kids' Club Programming  (Ages 5-11)

Join our amazing youth leaders for games, activities and cool challenges!  Collect tickets (shul shekels) that can be redeemed at the Machzikei Shul Shuk at the end of Yom Kippur morning services.   Groups are divided into Mini Menches (JK-Grade 2) and Schmoozers (Grades 3-7). 


The Greatest Hits Service  ​​​​​​
Led by Chazzan Chovav Marantz and with inspiring and entertaining words from Rabbi Scher and Bram Bregman throughout, this service will encapsulate all of the most meaningful and familiar moments of Yom Kippur into just over an hour.


Grand Mussaf Service

As we all finish our chosen services through Yizkor, we will come together for one united Mussaf service. Led by Rabbi Shimon Fogel we will pray Mussaf together with the classic High Holy Day melodies.


Minhah immediately following Mussaf

Duration: 60 minutes


Neilah - followed by Maariv & final Shofar blowing

Led by our talented Chazzanim, Rabbi Moishele Fogel and Chovav Marantz we will hold two simultaneous Neilah services, one inside and one outside. 


High Holiday Family Programming



Our expert team is led by Director of Community Building, Dr. Stacy Goldstein and Youth Program Coordinator, Sari Zelenietz.

If you have any questions about our program, please be in touch!



Wed, November 30 2022 6 Kislev 5783