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Our Board

Executive Officers 

Bonnie Boretsky, President
Dr. Alex Wilner, First Vice President
Miriam Vale Peters, Second Vice President
Tobin Kaiman, Treasurer
Dr. Mira Liebman Breiner, Secretary
Chani Bregman, Immediate Past President

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Doug Baum
Abigail Freeman
Dahlia Kandelshein
Justin Levine
Stanley Levine

Odelia Scher
Samantha Sigler
Evelyn Silverman
Ze'ev Simmons



A strong vibrant shul depends on committees of dedicated volunteers to help all aspects of the shul run effectively.  For the 2019-2020 year, the committees are: 

Audit Committee - Matt Blostein (chair), Abigail Freeman, Miriam Vale Peters, Tamara Fathi

Building Committee - Samantha Sigler (chair), Ariel Shainbach, Tal Scher, Dr. Dan Black, Charles Schachnow

Security Committee - Please contact the Executive Director

Fundraising Committee - Stanley Levine (chair), Hymie Reichstein, Jonah Rabinovitch, Chani Bregman

Family and Youth Programming - Dr. Stacy Goldstein (chair), Sari Zelenietz (staff), Dr. Ari Breiner, Josh Dougherty, SuYun Geithner, Dahlia Kandelshine, Rachel Levine, Yael Pfeiffer, Jennifer Solomon, Sharon Yosef, Mira Leibman Briener

Ritual - Jonah Rabinovitch (chair), Adele Sidney, Ben Shillow, Rabbi Moishele Fogel

Governance - Bonnie Boretsky Fainer (chair), The Honourable Gerry Rip, Chani Bregman, SuYun Geithner, Josh Dougherty

Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783