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Passover Seder Menu

Creative Kosher Catering


Passover 2023

Machzikei Hadas Synagogue

First Seder

Wednesday April 5 2023

Designed & Catered By

David Smith


Reservations For Family Tables

Reserve Now

Don’t Be Disappointed


Room Design & Set Up

Reservation Table Set Up

Rounds Squares Long Tables

To Accommodate Family Reservations


Something For Everyone

Vegetarians Vegans Gluten Free Meat Lovers Chicken Lovers


Dinner Tables & Appointments

Designer Linens

Designer Napkins

Floral Designer Centrepiece

High End Quality Plastic Passover Dishes

Passover Cutlery & Serving Pieces

Wine Glasses & Water Glasses


Family Style Concept For The First Two Courses

Designer Food Stations

For Guest Choices

Food Available Much Easier

Warmer With Choices For Everyone & Deliciousness


Awaiting Your Guests At The Table..

On The Passover Dinner Tables

Seder Plate For Everyone

Seder Plates At Each Table


Bitter Herbs



Boiled Egg



Bowls Of Boiled Eggs

Bowls Of Boiled Potatoes

Bowls Of Salt Water For Dipping

On Each Table


Boxes Of Matza

Shmura Matza


For Dipping


Beverages For Everyone

Beverages On Passover Dinner Tables

Kosher For Passover


Mineral & Bottled Water

Juice For The Kids

Grape Juice


Wine For Everyone On The Dinner Tables

Lots Of Room Temperature Red Wine

Lots Of Chilled White Wine

Grape Juice


Let The Seder Begin!!!

Dinner To Follow


Family Style

Traditional Passover Dinner

With Culinary Flare!

Enough Food To Please Everybody’s Pallet

Soups Salads Appetizers Served To The Dinner Table

The Main Course Served From Food Stations

Amazing Food Choices



Served In The Centre

Of Each Dinner Table


The Best Course The First Course

Seared Ahi Tuna With Chimichurri

Grilled Fresh Atlantic Salmon Bites

Home Made Gefilte Fish Slices

Home Made Horseradish

Tomato & Cucumber Slices

Mediterranean Roasted Egg Plant Salad

Marinated Pepper Mushroom Salad

Israeli Tomato Cucumber Purple Onion Salad


Everybody’s Favourite

Soup Course

Sweet Potato Soup

Served Piping Hot

Gluten Free & Vegetarian


The Main Course

From The Food Stations

On Round Tables With A Display Of Culinary Passover

Foods From Vegan Vegetarian Fish Meat & Chicken


Vegan Vegetarian Fish

Roasted Squash

Savoury Vegetable Kugels

Savoury Potato Kugel Souffles

Vegetarian Tsimmes

Vegetarian Grilled Vegetables

Roasted Moroccan Carrot Salad With Cilantro

Spinach Potato Souffles With Chimichurri

Heirloom Carrots

Roasted Potatoes  


Beef & Lamb

Rib Eye & Lamb Rack Station

Offering Your Guests

Oven Roasted Lamb With Apricots Dates Cranberries

Eye Of The Rib Roast With Guest Choice

Medium Medium Rare Well Done

Roasted Potatoes & Carrots In An Au Jus


Traditional Bar

Everybody Loves

Chopped Liver With Crispy Fried Onions

Hot Smoked Meat Brisket

Pickles & Olives

Oven Roasted Plump Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Oven Roasted Savoury Farfel Chicken Breasts

Oven Roasted Brisket With Au Jus & Homemade Horseradish

Oven Roasted Turkey With Cranberry Chutney

Chicken Schnitzel

General Tao Chicken


Salt Water Fish

Salt Water Fish Bar Vegetarian & Anyone Else

Caramelized Stuffed Salmon With Bok Choy & Pesto

Seabass Cooked To Perfection With Chimichurri  

Smoked Salmon With Dill Sauce

Homemade Gefilte Fish


 Sweet Table


Sliced Fresh Fruit

Honeydew Cantaloupe Pineapple Watermelon


Our Famous Passover Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Lemon White Chocolate Soufflé

Double Chocolate Mouse Soufflé

Double Baked Apple Cake


Chocolate Macaroons

Vanilla Macaroons


Don’t Be Disappointed

Make Your Reservation Toady!

Reserve One Table

For Your Entire Family


Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783