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Podcast Schedule

Welcome to Rabbi Scher's E-Talmud Study page! 

Podcasts will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

At times, an extra podcast may be published to cover an important question or insight that cannot wait for our in-person session.

To start, we will conduct in-person sessions once a month.

Please never hesitate to call or email with questions or insights as well as feedback on how to make this program even more effective and accessible.

Sign up for the podcast  WhatsApp group here!

Want to join this program? Contact  Rabbi Scher today! 

How can I find the Podcasts? 


Search for “Rabbi Scher”.

You can only stream on Soundcloud, you cannot download.

*I will label based on the page of the Talmud (2a, 2b etc…). I will also send a link upon publishing a podcast to everyone that is signed up.

Google Play

Search for “Rabbi Scher”, it will come up under Podcasts

Again, the description will be based on the page of Talmud.

You can both stream and download on Google Play. 


Search for “Rabbi Scher”

You can both stream and download on iTunes.

Tue, September 22 2020 4 Tishrei 5781