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Rosh HaShanah Services & Schedule

Please see the webpage for all of the information regarding this years High Holy Days. Please note, as we are offering sixteen services over the two days of Rosh HaShanah, each with limited capacity, we ask that you please register you and your family members for the service of your choice as soon as possible. You can click the link here to register:
Early Bird Special
Duration: 2 hours
The Early Morning Service, led by Rabbi Bulka, will be a no-frills service that covers the entire traditional Rosh HaShanah prayer service.

The Essentials Service
Duration: 2 hours
The Essentials Service, led by Rabbi Shimon Fogel with words from our Rabbis, will include the essentials of the traditional Rosh HaShanah services with the classic High Holy Day melodies. In order to keep to our time frame we will be omitting some of the piyutim, the Jewish liturgical poems that make up a substantial part of the Rosh HaShanah prayer service. But everything else will be the same.

The Greatest Hits Service
Duration: 70 minutes
Led by our wonderful chazzanim, Rabbi's Shimon and Moishele Fogel, and with inspiring and entertaining words from Rabbi Scher throughout, this service will encapsulate all of the most meaningful and familiar moments of Rosh HaShanah into just over an hour.

What in the World is Going On Service (First day of Rosh HaShanah)
Duration: 60 minutes
This is a great introduction to the High Holy Days prayer experience. Many of us have been coming to synagogue on the High Holy Days for many years, but do we really know what the service is about? Join Rabbi Scher on the first day of Rosh HaShanah for a brief overview of the High Holy Day prayer service and some praying together to help make the High Holy Days mean a lot more than ever before!

Family Service
Duration: 60 minutes
Seated in family bubbles, this service will be just as much fun as the Family Services of the past. We will make our way through the highlights of the Rosh HaShanah prayer service and introduce each part of the service with questions and thoughts. Led by Rabbi Scher.

Teen Service
Duration: 60 minutes
Lead by one of incredible our teen educators, this will be an exciting opportunity for our growing teen population!
Toddler Story and Circle Time
Duration: 45 minutes
Led by Morah Sari, this will be a fun and engaging way to celebrate Rosh HaShanah with your little ones. Individual pre-packaged snacks will be served. 
Walk-in Shofar Service (Second day of Rosh HaShanah)
Duration: 15 minutes
For those that are not yet ready to come for a full service this year, we will be offering short Shofar blowing services outside. These services will include the traditional Shofar blowing and short words of inspiration from Rabbi Scher. This service will be offered several times throughout the morning and the afternoon on the second day of Rosh HaShanah (there will be no need to enter the tent to participate).


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